Goose Survives Being Shot in the Head With an Arrow

The goose, from Boulder, Colorado, was lucky to be alive after the arrow incident. After some TLC from the local vets, it was nursed back to health and set free.

A goose from Boulder, Colorado is lucky to be alive after a recent mishap. The animal was found with an arrow directly through its head.

Thankfully, Boulder police were able to catch the bird — after some resistance — and snip off the ends of the arrow. They then brought it to the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where the staff helped nurse the injured patient back to health.

"From what we can tell upon arrival, it was pretty emaciated, meaning it was really thin, and it had used some of its fat reserves," said Mysti Tatro from the rehabilitation center. "So we've been giving it a very nutritious diet for that, and of course pain medication, since it did endure a pretty severe wound, and antibiotics."

The animal didn’t stay long at the clinic, though, as it began getting rambunctious. Once healed, the staff set it free. It walked out the door to the water, swam for a bit, then spread its wings and flew away.

"This is a good lesson to teach your kids," Tatro added. "That all wildlife are great and worth saving and worth having their lives."