‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Tessica Brown Is Releasing Her Own Line of Hair Care Products

social media/im_d_ollady
social media/im_d_ollady

Tessica Brown, who gained attention after putting Gorilla Glue in her hair, is coming out with her own line of hair care products that are inspired by her personal experience.

Tessica Brown, the woman who recently became an internet sensation when she sought medical attention after using Gorilla Glue spray as an alternative for hairspray, is starting her own hair care line.

Brown shared the news on her Instagram account Wednesday announcing that she had been working on her new line called Forever Hair.

“I have been working with professionals to create and formulate a hair root oil,” Brown said on Instagram. “I needed it to one: heel my scalp, I needed it to grow my hair back, I needed it to stimulate my hair follicles—and on top of that, I needed it to be all natural.”

Brown’s announcement came after she went viral on TikTok. Brown was also recognized by Niki Minaj, who name dropped her on her latest track.

Consumers can purchase several products on the Forever Hair website, including the Forever Hold spray and the Growth Stimulating Oil, which run for $14 and $18 each. According to TMZ the website also includes a Sleek Edge Control product that is available for $13.

Shoppers can also purchase non-hair related products, such as t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants that display Brown’s image and phrases.

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