Grandma Demands Apology After Kyle Richards’ Stolen Ring Allegation

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Diana French, a 75-year-old retired pharmacy clerk, is demanding an apology after “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards claimed a photo she saw of French’s hands contained her mother’s stolen ring. Last week, Richards claimed the ring had been stolen from her mansion in 2017.

Richards thought it had been lost forever, until she says she spotted the ring in a photo posted on Instagram by actress Diane Keaton. Keaton said she saw the ring being worn by a fortune teller in Santa Monica, California.

But French said she is not a fortune teller or a thief, and that Keaton took the photo of her hands several years ago when Keaton was a customer at her pharmacy. She also said she has owned the ring for decades.

French’s granddaughter Maddie even went on TikTok to defend her grandma’s integrity. “That’s my grandma’s ring. She has been working in a pharmacy for over 50 years, has had those rings for decades,” Maddie said.

French said much to her embarrassment, many of her relatives recognized her hand when the story went viral.

“My twin sister called me last Thursday and she said, 'Diana, your hand's on Google,'” French told Inside Edition.

French said the ring was originally owned by her mother who was killed 40 years ago and given to her by her dad. She also showed Inside Edition the ring’s appraisal from 1980. Family photos show she’s worn the ring for decades. Even back then she had her signature long, black fingernails like the ones in the photo Keaton had posted.

French is demanding an apology from both Richards and Keaton. “I deserve an apology. I mean, this is terrible,” French said. Richards and Keaton did not return requests for comment.


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