Grandmother Says She Bought Raw Chicken Sandwich From Burger King

Imagine getting ready to tear into a fresh chicken sandwich just to find out it’s still raw.

Imagine getting ready to tear into a fresh chicken sandwich just to find out it’s still raw.

That’s what Charlotte Parker says happened after she bought meals for herself and her granddaughters from an Arizona Burger King.

Parker’s granddaughter got a few chews in before realizing something was off.

“She says, ‘Nanny, what's wrong with this?’ ... She handed it to me and you could see the meat was raw as it could be, pink as it could be,” Parker told KPHO.

Parker called the Phoenix-area restaurant. She said they apologized and offered a refund.

"I don't think they understood my concern. To me, they seemed very nonchalant. Like, 'Oh well, we didn't cook it long enough.'” 

Parker wants the restaurant to take food preparation a little more seriously.

She's glad her youngest granddaughter didn’t decide on the sandwich because the small child has a weakened immune system

"If it had been Layla, it could've possibly been death," she said. reached out to Burger King for comment.