Great Wolf Lodge Employee Busts a Move to Beyonce

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A Great Wolf Lodge employee who was caught on camera swinging his hips to Beyonce’s "Crazy in Love" says he was just doing his job.

Brandon Fries, 22, is a kids experience worker at the water park in Ohio and during one of their recent dance parties someone happened to catch him in the moment. 

“I was doing my job. I was just dancing. We have a dance party at 9 o’clock at Great Wolf Lodge and someone happened to caught me working,” he told 

Fries says he loves his job and entertaining people is what he was born to do. 

“Dancing just came as a fun thing. I never took dance classes or anything, and people are like, 'Omg are you a dance teacher?' and I’m like no. So whenever I hear a good song, or anything especially Beyonce, you know I’m going to be out there jamming,” he said.

Fries says he hopes to one day take his moves to a Broadway stage, but in the meantime, he's perfectly content working at Great Wolf Lodge and helping kids to do what makes them happy.

“I want them to think that it's OK to be themselves, and they look at me and they're like, 'You know, this guy is kind of weird,’ but I think they're thinking like it's OK to be myself that they can do that,” he added. 


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