Groom and Groom Perform Epic 'Dirty Dancing' Lift at Their Wedding Reception

The couple slayed their wedding guests with an awesome dance routine including the lift from "Dirty Dancing."

Newlyweds stole the show at their wedding reception with an amazing routine that ended with the epic lift from "Dirty Dancing."

Noah Aberlin flawlessly lifted his husband, P.J. Simmons, over his head with arms held skyward. The grand finale followed a routine that included tap dancing, salsa, disco and "voguing" courtesy of Madonna. 

"Noah did most of the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively," said Simmons. They practiced for about seven weeks, and were aided by a salsa instructor and had the use of a rehearsal space with mirrors. 

Their wedding guests were wowed by the intricate routine and screamed their appreciation.

"The best for me were the reactions of our friends," said Simmons. "We were blown away! We hoped it would get people excited, but the energy was off the charts as soon as the Gloria Estefan song started ... the most amazing part was people coming up to us afterward with tears in their eyes saying how uplifted and moved they were by it."