Grown Woman Dressed as Baby for Birthday Photo Shoot Becomes Internet Sensation: '336 Months'

Nicole Ham is one big baby.
The tongue-in-cheek images spawned thousands of Facebook comments.Stephanie Smith/Southern Stitched Photography

A South Carolina photographer created a baby shoot for her 336-month-old best friend.

A grown woman in South Carolina created a social media sensation by allowing herself to be swaddled like a bab  in photos celebrating her turning 336 months old. 

Photographer Stephanie Smith staged the "baby shoot" for best friend Nicole Ham, who was having a little trouble turning 28. 

Her birthday is Dec. 29, and everything on her news feed, she told Smith, was images of babies and young families, all of them looking deliriously happy to be celebrating Christmas.

So she wanted to do something that would tie in to what she was seeing online and live up to her last name as well.

Ham also enlisted the help of her mother, and her father, though he mostly shook his head in bewilderment.

"None of us had a straight face," Smith said, especially when they laid Ham on the floor, stuck a giant bow on her forehead and encircled her in about $160 worth of fake flowers.

Ham's mother had to show the lifelong friends how to swaddle because neither of them has children. "We had to roll her back and forth to get her legs in," Smith said, laughing.

Staged next to her was a sign that read, "336 Months Old. Loves — Champagne. Hates — Dating in 2018. Go Tigers!" The Clemson graduate was adamant that her alma mater get a shoutout.

Ham was wrapped in a queen-size comforter from Target with just her underclothes on. "It was hilarious," Smith said. "She got really hot in there. So after about 20 to 25 minutes, she said, 'Can I get out of this?'''

After Smith posted the photographs on her studio's Facebook page, thousands of comments poured in. Journalists started calling. "It's a constant train that I can't keep up with," she said, more than slightly stunned. 

"As a photographer, this is not my best work," she said, tongue firmly in cheek. "But it is fun to see that 6 million people have viewed my photos."