Gun-Wielding Man Holding His Baby Is Shot and Killed by Police at Arizona Hotel, Body Cam Shows

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A police officer fatally shot an armed Arizona man who was holding his baby in a heart-stopping incident captured on body camera and in frantic 911 calls. “We’ve got an irate guest of another guest here, running around with a gun here. He’s beating up on his old lady,” a witness told 911.

The suspect, later identified as Paul Bolden, ran off with his baby. His desperate wife then called the police.

“My husband just took my baby. He has a gun, he’s loaded, he took the baby. He’s trying to kill him. He’s shooting! He fired!” she told 911. “He’s going to kill people! He’s shooting cars!”

Another witness called 911: “He has a gun and he has a baby in his arms.”

A cop got there a minute later, and the gunman opened fire.

“Hey! Drop the gun! Drop the gun, dude! He has a kid hostage right now. He has a gun, he has made one gunshot already. We need more units,” the officer said.

More officers arrived on the scene, and when the suspect pointed his gun at the infant, a police sharpshooter lined up his shot and fired, striking and killing Bolden. Police raced to find out if the child had been hurt.

Bolden, 37, was pronounced dead at a Phoenix hospital. The baby survived unharmed. 


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