Guy Who Ripped Home Run Ball From Woman's Hands and Threw It Back Revealed as Her Brother-in-Law

Sarah Head says she's not mad, and thinks the reaction to her brother-in-law Kirk Head's actions is hilarious.

A Houston Astros fan who came under fire in the Twitterverse after stealing a home run ball from a woman before tossing it onto the field during Sunday night's World Series baseball game says he did so to avoid "bad karma."  

The ball, hit into the stands by L.A. Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig at Minute Maid Park Sunday night, wound up in the hands of Sarah Head until her own brother-in-law, Kirk Head, ripped it out of her hands threw it back. 

The internet lit up with comments, with some referring to him as “deranged” and “a jerk.”  

Kirk Head is a huge Astros fan and says he was only following a baseball tradition. It's said to be bad luck if you hang on to the ball when the other team homers in your park.

"It is bad karma to keep the opposing team's ball if it is a home run," he told Inside Edition.

Sarah Head was initially stunned at her brother-in-law's actions, but isn't mad at him.

"I think I was in shock, I mean, this is like a once in a lifetime experience to even be at the World Series, let alone catch a home run,” she told Inside Edition. “He was pretty hell bent on throwing the ball back.”

Sarah thinks the reaction is hilarious.

"I have had people contact me, asking, 'Who is that jerk sitting next to you?,' 'How did you sit next to him for the rest of the game?'" she said.  

The Astros ended up winning Game 5 and now lead the series 3-2.