This Gymnastics Spinning Class Will Have You Defying Gravity and Burning 600-700 Calories an Hour

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To say some people may struggle trying to replicate Olena Sheremet’s cycling stunts might be an understatement.

The cycling instructor teaches classes in the Ukraine that include spinning with one leg, while using the other to loop over her bike’s handlebars.

Through her interpreter, Olga Semanid, Sheremet told that her students are up for the challenge.

"Of course everybody's struggling to get to that level, but still the exercises we're doing in Olena's classes are more basic so that everyone can do that," Semanid said. "Anybody can do that.”

Sheremet said she became inspired to teach the classes by watching Korean cycling videos, but said she wanted to tweak it, so it could be even more physically challenging.

According to Sheremet, an hour of her class will burn anywhere from 600 to 700 calories.

Part of the reason she makes it look so easy is because she has been at it for nearly a decade.

"She's been doing that for eight years," said Semanid. "There has been no really severe accidents. Some clients did hit their knee or scratch skin a bit. That's just because they were being inattentive or just not coordinated."

Sheremet pays attention to how well her students can pick it up.

"Olena as an instructor tries to observe her clients. And every single time she comes up and makes sure that the exercises they're doing are fine and fit for them and if she sees that OK, this is not gonna work out for that person, she's gonna just change it a bit, maybe slow down and just [make it] less complex."

Sheremet hopes to compete in international competitions. Her message to anyone who may be intimidated by her cycling is simple: “If she can do it, everybody else can," said Semanid.


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