Man Chases Cyclist He Says Stole Neighbor's Package: 'I Got You!'

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A driver chased a woman he says stole a package from a neighbor's home before taking off on a bike.

Footage taken by Mark Duenas shows the woman struggling to balance the huge Amazon box on the handle bars as she cycled down the street in Stockton, Calif.

"I got you!" he yells at her in the video. "You just stole that!"

"It ain't yours, it's mine," she is heard telling him.

"No, it ain't yours," he responds. "You just pulled that off my neighbor's yard."

Speaking to Inside Edition, Duenas said he could not believe his eyes. 

"I just wanted the lady to know that I got her," he said. "She was seen. That's not something you can do in broad daylight and not be seen."

At the end of the video, the woman dropped the box and lunged at Duenas, he said.

"I hit the gas," he said. "Unfortunately, she got away. I did not get the package back, but I did get her face."

The woman has not been caught.


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