Hang Glider Flies Again After Near-Death Experience

Chris Gursky wasn't strapped in properly for his first trip, and this time, safety was his top priority.

A heart-stopping video captured Chris Gursky holding on for dear life after he says he realized he wasn't strapped into a hang glider while on vacation in Switzerland

Just a second after takeoff from the 4,000-foot mountaintop, Gursky, 55, realized he was not attached and spent just over two minutes clinging tightly to the bar as he and the pilot of the glider sailed over trees.

As they got dangerously close to the earth, Gursky let go and hit the ground hard, breaking his wrist. He also tore his bicep from holding on with such a tight grip. 

It was his first time hang-gliding, and you'd think after an experience like that, he'd never do it again. 

But Gursky, who is from Florida, returned to the same spot of his near-death experience to give it a go once again. 

This time, he made sure he was completely strapped in before taking flight. 

And what a ride it was. 

"Awesome, this is beautiful!" he said.