Harris County Sheriff's Office Investigates Who Left Racist Flyers on Lawns as Suspect Is Caught on Camera

Harris County Sheriff's Office Investigates Racist Flyers Left on Lawns
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"I was quite disturbed because of the symbolism," a resident told a local news station. "Historically, it's about hate."

Flyers with swastikas and white supremacist slogans were found on the lawns of dozens of residents in a northwest Harris County neighborhood in Texas.

According to ABC13, racist flyers with different messages were put in Ziploc bags along with two rocks, likely to hold the bag to the ground.

In exclusive footage from a local resident obtained by ABC13, someone in the back seat of a moving vehicle was spotted tossing something where a resident said they found a flyer in that same spot.

"I was quite disturbed because of the symbolism," Estelle Monroe, a resident, told the news station. "Historically, it's about hate."

Residents in the area volunteered to clear up the flyers to avoid children seeing them.

"I picked up about 45 (flyers)," resident Kelsey Sanders told ABC13. "The minority is the majority in this neighborhood. My fear is whenever the kids started to get up and play outside because it's summer, that they find this on the sidewalk. That is completely disgusting to have a child look at this. I am proud to say everyone was on the same page, picking them up quickly and getting them in the trash."

Senior Deputy Thomas M Gilliland told Inside Edition that flyers have been turned over to the Harris County Sheriff Office Criminal Intel Unit for investigation, which is still ongoing as of June 9. “The Harris County District Attorney’s Office will be consulted to see what charge if applicable would be accepted by them.”


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