Harrowing Video Shows 2 Toddlers Dangling From Chicago Apartment Building Window

Both of the 2-year-olds are safe after hanging precariously on the ledge of the building.

Incredible footage out of Chicago shows the frantic effort to rescue two toddlers seen hanging out of the third-floor window of a Chicago apartment last week. 

The 2-year-olds were in their diapers as they dangled outside the window Tuesday, more than 20 feet above the ground. 

"Two children are hanging out the window, feet first,” one 911 caller was heard saying. 

Three stories below, good Samaritans gathered with outstretched arms to catch them should they fall.

Denise Ochoa, a bystander, was ready to catch the kids if they fell. 

"It was crazy," she told Inside Edition. "I was shaking. As soon as I saw the babies move I wanted to break down and cry."

Ochoa and her cousin were driving in a car when they saw the children dangling precariously out the window.

Before disaster struck, one kid clambered back into the apartment, and a ladder appeared out of nowhere with a man climbing up to get the other child, who was still in harm's way.

"He opened the window more and he just carried the baby and put him inside," Ochoa recalled. 

The children were not injured and cops say there was an adult home at the time of the incident, but that person didn’t see what was happening.

The Chicago Police Department is investigating what happened. The children have been placed with relatives as the investigation is ongoing.