Have You Seen This 1,500-Pound Bull on the Loose on Long Island? 'Code Red' Alert Issued as Search Continues

The bull has been missing since Tuesday, and authorities are on the lookout for the wild animal.

A 1,500-pound bull is still on the loose on Long Island. The giant animal was caught on a doorbell camera running down a residential street Tuesday.

Two girls were outside loading up a cooler when the bull ran by. One of the girls can be heard screaming to her mom, “There's a cow outside!”

The bull, which was going to be sacrificed in a ritual for an upcoming Muslim holiday, had escaped from the slaughterhouse four days ago and has been on the run since. The search for the bull is still ongoing.

Cops in the area sent out a “Code Red” alert to everyone in the neighborhood, letting them know there’s a wild bull on the loose and to stay in their homes. 

Authorities say if the bull is captured, it will be put in an animal sanctuary.

“The most important thing is to make sure that no human beings get hurt during the course of this rescue. That’s really our main objective. This thing is, from what I understand, over a 1,000-pound bull and it could run into traffic and it could kill somebody,” Lisa Jaeger of Jaeger Animal Wildlife Rescue told CBS2.

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