Have You Tried the #DeborahCoxChallenge? Chances Are, Deborah Cox Has Seen and Loved Your Attempt.

Have you seen the #DeborahCoxChallenge across social media? You’re far from the only one.

Have you seen the #DeborahCoxChallenge across social media? You’re far from the only one. Deborah Cox herself is seeing renewed interest in her 1998 smash single, “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here," as a result of the social media trend.

In 1998, the award-winning platinum single was just about everywhere, from the Billboard Hot 100 to the top of the Canadian R&B charts. 

The Instagram page, “They Have The Range” posts different moments from songs that showcase that singer’s range. They selected the most difficult part from the record. 

“I think the world has set the bar and the real standard for vocalists, if you want to expound on your range, like this is the song that you sing,” Cox, who celebrated 25 years in the music business this year, told Inside Edition Digital.

Many people have participated in the challenge, from Keke Palmer to Queen Naija. 

“I think that it's just been this resurgence, this awakening, this new discovery of this song, of this music from the '90s. It's been wonderful to see all these young people,” Cox said.

Liamani Segura was one of the people who rose to the challenge. At just 11 years old, she belted Cox’s record nearly to perfection, despite “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” having been released well before Segura was born.

Cox saw Segura’s challenge and loved it. 

“I mean, it's just amazing to know that the real Ms. Deborah Cox saw my video and she had amazing feedback, and I really do appreciate her for saying all those sweet things. And I appreciate all the people who shared my video and liked and commented because that is so amazing and such a blessing,” Segura told Inside Edition Digital.

Segura said her parents have introduced her to the likes of Whitney Houston, Judy Garland and Etta James, along with the music of the ‘90s.

Like Segura, singer Perri Jones said her parents' influence over her musical tastes was strong.

“Well, I grew up in a music-based family. So, I just want my music to reflect the times that I live in and to be greater than myself like that song, I want my music to be timeless and people long after I'm gone have an appreciation for my art,” Jones said.

Jones is the daughter of Oran “Juice” Jones, whose 1986 single, “The Rain” has been sampled numerous times and was Grammy-nominated.

WanMor, a group consisting of four siblings whose father, Wanya Morris, was a member of the legendary group, Boyz II Men, ultimately crushed their #DeborahCoxChallenge. With the help of their sister, they went viral for their smooth, blended voices. Cox noticed them, and decided she wanted to surprise them. 

“You all have the ability to not just do one part, but you were able to, like I said, you give people the full perspective of the music and the song because all of your harmonies blend so beautifully," she told them during their interview with Inside Edition Digital. "It sounds like an instrument, and you're continuing the incredible legacy that your father led. I mean, Wanya is the most, one of the most anointed voices out there."