'Little Couple' Stars: How We Overcame Cancer, Adoption Struggles

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The stars of TLC's The Little Couple are revealing their secrets to overcoming life's obstacles.

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Among their recent challenges, Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein adopted two children from two different countries - daughter Zoey from India and son Will from China; Arnold was diagnosed with a rare cancer and Bill needed risky back surgery.

“All of that happening at the same time was absolutely crazy,” Arnold told IE.

Now they have a new book out, entitled Think Big.

Klein explained: “There are different things that are more difficult to touch on than others. But I think the reality is that our approach to things is to look at it with a more positive view. So most of our experiences - while you could get mired in the negative - we try to avoid it.

“So we touch on how it could've been a negative experience but I think the takeaway is that when we reflect on each circumstance, the things we remember are the good parts and that's kind of interesting.”

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His wife added: ‘You really can overcome things that seem unsurmountable. Take it one step at a time and keep yourself positive.”

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