Grandfather Buys Baby Ridiculously Huge Teddy Bear: 'Its Foot Alone Is Bigger Than Her'

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Usually, the baby holds the teddy bear, not the other way around.

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5-month-old Madeline of San Jose, California, received the gift of a lifetime when her grandfather surprised her with the biggest teddy bear the toddler — and pretty much anyone else — had ever seen.

In pictures snapped by her mother, Sabrina Gonzalez, little Madeline appeared to be extra tiny perched atop the head of the building-sized stuffed animal.

"[The bear's] foot alone is bigger than her," Gonzalez told "I was pretty shocked that he had actually got it."

She said her dad, Daniel Gonzalez, had posted a picture of himself on Facebook among a pile of $189 teddy bears at Costco.

She jokingly commented, "Maddie needs one of those."

Minutes later, little Madeline's grandfather texted the family, "I got one."

"My dad is known for doing silly and crazy things like this," Gonzalez joked, "so this was nothing out of the ordinary."

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What was surprising to the entire family, however, was that the teddy bear didn't even fit inside Gonzalez's home.

"Right now, it's at my parents' house," she told "Their house is huge so it fits right in."

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