For 22 Years, This Family Has Welcomed Strangers With Nowhere Else to Spend Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is not just about family at the Dahl household — it’s about community.

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For the last 22 years, the Dahl family has a tradition of opening their doors every Thanksgiving, and extending an invitation to anyone with nowhere to go.

“It’s really good for people to feel like they have a sense of community, a sense of family,” Mrs. Dahl said in a video by Kleenex.

This year, they invited 39 guests to their home, but Mr. Dahl said, “We’re never quite sure who exactly is going to show up until they get here. We just make it work.”

To prepare, they plan to roast three turkeys to make sure everyone has plenty to eat.

“I love having a wide variety of people,” his son said. “It’s really fun.”

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For one of their guests, it’s about being surrounded by loved ones, even though her family lives far away.

“A place to come for Thanksgiving is so nice,” one of the guests said.

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