Michigan Brothers Abandoned Bedridden Mother Who Died From Malnutrition: Cops

Two Michigan brothers have been charged with leaving their disabled mother to starve to death in her own home.

Grant Balogh, 33, and Gabriel Balogh, 31, were arrested last week following the death of their 57-year-old mother Thursday.

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Authorities say Vickie Balogh had been dead for some seven hours when one of the brothers drove her to a hospital.

Investigators say Mrs. Balogh was extremely emaciated with bedsores and lesions on her skin when hospital staff examined her, according to WDIV.

The cause of death was ruled as malnutrition caused by cachexia, or wasting disease.

Balogh reportedly suffered from a disease similar to Parkinson's and was incapacitated and living with her sons.

Police charge she died "as a direct result of gross negligence" on the part of Grant and Gabriel Balogh.

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Both men have been hit with homicide and abuse of a vulnerable adult charges, to which they've both pleaded not guilty.

The brothers are being held on $200,000 bail each.

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