Hear the Tapes That Model Says Prove Jeffery Epstein Assaulted Her

Alicia Arden said she made recordings 20 years ago after an alleged incident with the convicted sex offender, who died behind bars last month.

Model and actress Alicia Arden says she has recordings of phone messages she left with a friend, detailing how Jeffrey Epstein allegedly groped her in a California hotel room.

"I was very afraid to do anything. He was bigger than me. I started to cry in the room," Arden says on one tape she played for Inside Edition. Arden said she has kept the cassette tapes from 22 years ago in the hopes they would help prove Epstein had assaulted her in his room at Shutters on the Beach hotel in Santa Monica.

Arden said she met the now-deceased Epstein when she was a lingerie model. She said he arranged a meeting with her, saying he was a recruiter for Victoria's Secret, which wasn't true.

At another point on the tape, Arden says, "Ugh! I hate men. I can't believe the way I was treated at that police station. I'm just, I, I, I'm mortified." Arden claims she reported the incident, but wasn't taken seriously.

Police told Inside Edition that they did follow up on interviewing both Arden and Epstein, but Arden did not want to pursue criminal charges. She disputes that. 

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