This Woman Says Jeffrey Epstein Targeted New York City Dance Studios

Marlo Fisken says she was hired and worked as his personal trainer — until he asked for a groin massage.

The late Jeffrey Epstein allegedly targeted New York City dance studios looking for young victims, according to one dancer.

“He made it known that he was interested in dancers and models. He let his team know that and they did the work to figure out where to find those women,” dancer Marlo Fisken told Inside Edition. 

Fisken says she first caught wind of what was allegedly happening when she was approached by a perfect stranger with an intriguing offer. “She said, ‘I have a very wealthy friend who is looking for a personal trainer. Let me connect you with him.’”

Fisken says she agreed and eventually visited Epstein’s palatial mansion on Manhattan’s ritzy Upper East Side.

“I had never seen a residence that looked like that before,” she said. 
She was hired as a personal trainer at a $100 an hour, not just for Epstein but also for two young women he referred to as "my girls" 

“They were definitely young," she said. "I don't know if they were under 18, maybe they were, but they were both foreign and coming in as high-fashion models. Very slim."

New lawsuits filed against Epstein’s estate claim his recruiters trawled dance studios in Manhattan looking for young women.

“He liked them young and vulnerable,” Fisken said. 

Fisken says eventually Epstein allegedly demanded more than just training from her.

“I was guiding him ... [to] put his leg in a position for a hamstring stretch and he said, ‘You know, my Russian ballet teacher she massages my groin to help my hamstring flexibility,’ and he specifies where and I said, ‘I'm not willing to do that,’” she recalled. 

After that, the calls from Epstein suddenly stopped. It was years before Fisken learned the extent of his crimes.