Heather Locklear Hospitalized for Apparent Drug Overdose, Right After Her Release From Jail

It's been a tumultuous year for the former "Melrose Place" star.

Heather Locklear has been hospitalized, just hours after she was released from jail. 

Paramedics were called to the 56-year-old's California mansion Monday for a possible overdose.

Earlier that day, Inside Edition found the actress covering her face with a hoodie while leaving jail with her attorney after posting her $20,000 bail for allegedly kicking a cop and a paramedic. 

At the time, she did not comment.

Just hours later, at about 3 p.m., cops and EMTs arrived at Locklear's home in Thousand Oaks for a "medical call.” 

Now, after an apparent overdose, Locklear is getting help at a Los Angeles hospital.

It’s the latest drama in a downward spiral for the former “Melrose Place” star. Locklear has been arrested twice this year alone, including a Monday's incident, where cops say she allegedly kicked an officer and EMT

Cops have even listed her home as a hazard for first responders because of the number of times they've been called there.

Just last week, the 56-year-old actress was reportedly hospitalized for a psych evaluation after claiming she was suicidal, according to reports. 

Locklear is still facing charges for allegedly attacking police officers in another incident back in February.