Why Ayesha Curry's New Texas Restaurant Has Been Blasted With One-Star Yelp Reviews Before It Even Opens

Her husband, Stephen Curry, is to blame.

Houston Rockets fans are evidently still bitter about losing the Western Conference NBA finals to the Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors, and fans of the Texas franchise are taking it out on Curry's wife, Ayesha.

Her new Houston restaurant, International Smoke, has been eviscerated on Yelp, with one-star reviews questioning why she would set up shop in Houston.

“This is absolutely the worst place to go — her husband ripped our hearts out and now she has the guts to open up a place here??” one review said.

Another review blasted the food quality, saying, “BBQ was extremely chewy and a choking hazard."

But any reviews, negative or positive, about the food and atmosphere may be a little premature, as the restaurant won't open for another month. 

Still, experts say bad Yelp reviews can hurt a restaurant. 

Ayesha is a star in the food world and already has a hit with another International Smoke location in the Warriors-friendly Bay Area of California. 

The San Francisco Chronicle calls the ribs “some of the best I’ve had in the Bay Area," the opposite of what the trolls are saying in Houston. 

Rockets fans might consider having a slice of humble pie with Ayesha's ribs when the spot opens. 

Ayesha hasn’t responded to the scathing reviews but encourages all to book a table now.