Insanely Buff White House Chef Andre Rush Reveals the Secret to His Massive Arms

Chef Rush has been preparing meals at the White House since 1997.

The White House chef looks more like a professional bodybuilder than the cook for the leader of the free world. 

Andre Rush has been a chef at the White House since 1997, working under every president since Bill Clinton. 

He feels honored to work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and with those giant arms, he works wonders in the kitchen.

The 45-year-old U.S. Army veteran, also volunteers at the USO center in Virginia, where he prepares delicious meals. 

His work with veterans has gotten the attention of another bodybuilding sensation: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cooking has always been a passion for Rush. He says he learned the trade from his mother and her soul food cuisine. 

And he doesn't just cook — the man can also eat.

Rush chomps down on four whole chickens and a dozen eggs a day, washing it down with two protein shakes, three gallons of water and "some milk." 

He can bench press 450 pounds, which he says he does about 250 times a day.