Hero Pit Bull Dies Protecting Kids From Venomous Snake

Oriley Richardson holds Zeus with his mom, Georgina.
Richardson Family

Zeus the pit bull loved his owners so much that he put his life on the line for them.

Zeus the pit bull loved his owners so much that he put his life on the line for them.

Zeus lived with the Richardson family at their home in Florida. Last week, 10-year-old Oriley was outside playing with Zeus and their other dogs when tragedy struck. Zeus, less than a year old, lunged toward Oriley and began fussing with something on the ground.

Oriley thought Zeus was playing with a rope. But he had taken hold of a highly venomous coral snake.

Zeus decided to lie down on the snake to keep it at bay from Oriley and his 11-year-old brother, Orion. That's when Orion noticed Zeus had a "bugged out" look on his face and was acting weird. Upon further inspection, the family realized the snake had bit Zeus at least four times before the pooch bit off and swallowed its head.

Mom Georgina Richardson rushed the family dog to the animal hospital, where he quickly got injected with anti-venom. However, it was too late for the hero pup.

After the family went home to get some sleep, the hospital told Georgina that Zeus had died. It was Oriley's birthday.

The Richardsons went to the hospital together to say goodbye to their fearless companion. They even brought Zeus' dog mom, Sega, who lay her head on Gina's lap as they all bid their final farewell. The family went home with a mold of their courageous canine.

"We have been so lost without him ever since," Georgina wrote on a website dedicated to Zeus' bravery. "I can only hope that Zeus lives on as an ambassador for the pit bull breed and the wonderful family members that they are."