Hidden Tunnel Not Seen Since 1895 Found by Illinois Homeowners

It's unclear what the tunnel was used for, because the homeowners say there is no documentation of its existence.

A hidden tunnel built over a century ago has been unearthed by an Illinois couple beneath their home. Gary and Beth Machens made the incredible discovery when their sidewalk started to buckle, revealing the entrance to the pristine relic not seen since 1895.

“There’s the opening we have to shimmy into,” Gary explained.

Inside the tunnel, the couple found a brick archway in near-perfect condition and a large pile of dirt at the other end.

But one mystery remains — what was the tunnel used for? Gary believes it was put there to keep the house from falling down, but he says there is no documentation.

Meanwhile, a box full of $46,000 in cash was discovered underneath the attic floorboards of a Massachusetts home. The homeowner suspects the box was stashed by a relative decades ago. 

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