High School Cheerleader Suspected of Trying to Trade Pot Brownies for Homecoming Queen Title: Cops

The teen allegedly put the weed-laced brownies in goody bags.
The teen allegedly put the weed-laced brownies in goody bags.(Getty)

The unnamed teen allegedly filled goody bags with the drug-laced treats and brought them to school.

A Michigan prom queen hopeful might learn learned the hard way never to buy votes — especially if the currency is pot brownies.

A former Hartford High School cheerleader is suspected of handing out marijuana-laced brownies to gain support for her homecoming queen bid.

"[My daughter] said, 'Mom, so and so brought medibles to school," parent Angel Avery told WWMT.

A batch of 12 marijuana infused brownies were allegedly stuffed into goody bags for the football team and distributed at school last week, the Hartford Police Department said. While police believed many students threw away or flushed the drugs, some were likely also eaten.

The brownies were most likely traded for votes in the contest for prom queen, Hartford police officer Michael Prince said.

“What if one of those would have gotten in the wrong hands? What if one of those were given to a kid who had a reaction to it. So many worse things could have happened than what did," Avery said.

Authorities began investigating after receiving an anonymous tip.

The school confirmed there were pot brownies brought to and handed out at school, and will be conducting their own investigation.

“All individuals are being dealt with according to our district policies and student handbooks. We have notified the Hartford Police Department and are assisting them in their criminal investigation of the matter," Superintendent Andrew Hubbard said.

The teen suspected of bringing the brownies is no longer a student at the school.