Hilary Duff Mommy-Shamed for 8-Month-Old Daughter's Pierced Ears

Hilary Duff
Getty Images

Hilary Duff received backlash on social media after sharing a photo of her smiling 8-month-old daughter, which showed the little girl's pierced ears.

The "Younger" star posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram. She is seen holding her daughter, Banks, as the girl plays with her glasses. The mom-daughter duo are both smiling.

The picture showed off what appears to be a new accessory on Banks. Small stud earrings could be seen on her ears, something that hadn't appeared in earlier photos. 


Mama and ? ? @matthewkoma

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Some commenters were quick to shame the 31-year-old mom for "causing her a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort."

Others said they planned to unfollow the actress over her choice.

However, other follows came to Duff's defense, saying many other parents choose to pierce their baby's ears as well. Some shared that they too had had their ears pierced at young ages and don't even remember the experience.


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