Before His Death, Gardener Planted Booby Traps With Clients He Was Arguing With: Police

A recently deceased German gardener is suspected of planting bombs with disgruntled clients.
The gardener lived in the small town of Mehlingen, Germany. iStock

A German gardener who was recently found dead is suspected of planting bombs that killed a doctor and injured a mother and her young child, police said.

Bernhard Graumann, 59, was found dead Friday of unknown causes. Investigators are awaiting the results of an autopsy. 

Police have asked anyone who used Graumann's services to come forward. He apparently was targeting disgruntled clients, authorities said. 

Earlier in the day, a 64-year-old physician, who has not been named, died after he picked up a rigged package left at the front door of his practice, authorities said. Less than six miles away on Sunday, a mom and her 4-year-old daughter were injured by a piece of firewood rigged with an explosive device, police said.

After the mother unknowingly placed the booby-trapped log in a wood stove, it exploded and blew off the door, sending hot metal and glass flying, authorities said. 

The mom and daughter sustained non-life-threatening injuries, though the child remains hospitalized.  

Police found a black substance while searching Graumann's home in the small town of Mehlingen, as well as other items "in violation of weapons and explosives laws," authorities said, according to The Associated Press.

Authorities also cautioned there may be other, unexploded devices left with former customers. "It cannot be ruled out that the deceased made other preparations that could endanger further people," police said. 


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