Historic Undersea Expedition Broadcast From Deep Below the Indian Ocean

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A British expedition to explore life at the bottom of the Indian Ocean has sent its maiden TV-quality transmission from a two-person submersible.

Monsoons and strong currents continued to cause problems as scientific work began Saturday off the Seycheles.

The Associated Press successfully broadcast the first multi-camera live signal in full broadcast quality from manned submersibles using optical transmissions in which the images were sent through waves using the blue section of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The expedition's first transmission came from 200 feet below the surface, using cutting-edge wireless technology that sent video optically through the waves.Previous video transmissions from deep oceans were livestreams sent from remotely operated vehicles, with the video transmitting via fiber optic cable. 

The Associated Press is the only news agency working with Nekton researchers on its deep-sea mission to explore the Indian Ocean, which is one of the world's lesser-known regions.


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