Hollywood Has Plans for Office and Green Space in a $500 Million Bubble


Developers are aiming to create an office space that will not only be the largest in Hollywood, but reduce traffic and energy usage in the area.

In an effort to create a unique and green workspace, developers in California are planning for a project called the “Star on Sunset.”

This 500,000-square-foot building would resemble a bubble in the sky, hovering over the busy city and taking the spot as the largest office complex in Hollywood, California. 

It would be both an office space and a place to relax and enjoy greenery via open-air gardens between floors 10 and 17. 

The developers have promised to work with the city to reduce the “Star’s” impact through traffic reduction and energy use.

However, Brian Curran, president of Hollywood Heritage Incorporated said that he has concerns around the housing in this history-laden district being completely enclosed by new high-rise buildings.

The plans for the project includes a $500 million budget alongside an expected approval time of two years and a construction time of an estimated three years.

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