Want to Rent a Pool in the Hollywood Hills? You Can Via the Swimply App

Pool seekers are using an app called Swimply, where they can search available pools in their area at an affordable price.

No pool? No problem.

The Valles family, from California, have found a way to cool off in a pool. Temporarily, that is, because they are renting it by the hour.

“We love being outdoors,” they explained. “We love exploring. Our son loves the water. So this is just a win-win.”

They recently headed to the Hollywood Hills to the home of Scott Formby, who rents out his pool for $75 an hour. After Scott leaves, his backyard became Valles family's private oasis.

“We arrived to this location, and obviously, seeing it in pictures does not do it justice," they said. "The views are outstanding.”

The Valles' used the Swimply app to search available pools in their area at an affordable price. And according to Bunim Laskin, who founded Swimply, homeowners are cashing in.

“When I originally thought of Swimply, the plan was for pool owners to simply cover their expenses maybe make two or three thousand dollars a year," Laskin said. "With the platform, we have owners making over $100,000 a year sharing their pool with their community.”

So now, having no pool is really no problem for both pool seekers and pool owners looking for a lucrative side hustle. 

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