Burglar Seen Taking a Dip in the Pool Before Breaking Into Los Angeles Home

The man swam, dried off and picked a lemon from a tree before breaking into the home.

A man was captured on video taking a dip in the pool before breaking into the adjacent home in Los Angeles. The burglar dried off with a towel and helped himself to a lemon before attempting to bust through the backdoors of the house.

He failed, but came back and rammed the door. This time, the glass shattered, and he pushed the doors open. Not long after, he fled with a backpack loaded with stolen goods.

Inside Edition spoke to homeowners Sharon and Dr. Roger Der.

“I was scared. It was very invasive,” Sharon said.

“I was in absolute shock,” Roger said.

They say the burglar was scared off when he heard their teenage son coming down the stairs.

Since the incident, the family has stepped up their security system with additional sensors and locks. 

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