Homeless Man Walks Off With a Fortune in Cash at Paris Airport

A lucky homeless man scooped up more than $300,000 in cash.
The cash was in a room at Charles de Gaulle Airport that was left unlocked. Getty/Stock

A homeless man who lived at Paris Airport walks away with $354,000 in cash.

There is one very rich homeless man in Paris. Or perhaps he has a new home somewhere else.

A man in his 50s who lived at Charles de Gaulle Airport found an unlocked door, behind which was a room full of money, authorities said.

He picked up two bags stuffed with Euros and walked right out, surveillance video showed. He got away with $324,000.

The Terminal 2F office is home to Loomis, a company that transports cash deliveries for businesses.

Police said the thief was a familiar face at the airport.

A manhunt is underway to find him.

An alarm went off at the courier office last week, authorities said. Investigators viewed video from security cameras in the area and saw the man going through trash bins. He leans against a door and looks surprised that it opened, police said. He then goes inside and returns with the bags.

He hasn't been seen since. Police have searched areas of the sprawling airport where up to 100 homeless people are known to sleep but haven't been able to find the man.

The entry to Loomis' office is normally locked and requires a security code.