Houseboat Heroes: Couple Saves 14 People After Fiery Explosion Sinks Boat in Minutes

Jake Cahoon and his wife Courtney were able to sweep in and pull 14 people out of the water after a family was forced off their burning houseboat.

A pair of good Samaritans have a boatload of people singing their praises - literally. 

Jake Cahoon and his wife Courtney were out in their boat on Lake Powell in Utah when they watched as a houseboat suddenly went up in flames.

Onboard the 25 passengers — including seven kids and a 2-month-old baby — began to jump off the boat and into the safety of the water.

Video shows the adults in the group then quickly grabbing an air mattress to use as a flotation device.  

Jake and his wife say they saw the group just before the fire erupted as they enjoyed the final days of summer on their houseboat.

The idyllic setting suddenly became anything but though when there was a sudden loud boom, which authorities now believe was the boat's motor exploding

It took just minutes for the fire to spread to every part of the boat, which meant the evacuation had to be quick.

Lucky for this family, Jake and Courtney were on hand to save the day — and perhaps a few lives.

The two managed to help fourteen people, getting them out of the water and bringing them onboard their boat.  

Incredibly, no one was injured in the blaze. The houseboat however completely burned before sinking into the lake.


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