How 1 Virginia Woman’s Move to New York City to Live Out Her Dreams Led to Her Death

Connie Crispell
Inside Edition

Connie Crispell's story was told by Inside Edition Reporter Sal Bono in his New York Gritty series.

Connie Crispell came from Virginia to New York City in her 20s to live out her big city dreams.

She was a habitué of Studio 54 and reveled in the city’s nightlife.

But when she became involved with a man named Charles Ransom at a Kentucky Derby party, her dreams and her life came to a violent end.

Charles claimed that after Connie told him she had AIDS, he killed her. In addition, he put her body in a trunk, left it on her balcony and hung out in her apartment for almost a week.

Inside Edition Reporter Sal Bono highlighted Connie’s story in his New York Gritty series. New York Gritty is a true-crime series that looks at some famous and not-so-famous crimes that have occurred in New York City through the lens of the modern era.

“This is a story that involves one of New York City's most infamous clubs,” Sal said. “It also involves an epidemic that plagued the city and how they all intersect with this terrible tragedy.”

What Sal discovered regarding Connie's life was highlighted on The Breakdown, where the story behind the story is shared.

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