The Breakdown Episode 11: What Will Happen if You Try to Storm Area 51

The Breakdown asked security expert Steve Kardian what people can expect if they attempt to storm Area 51.

Thinking of storming Area 51? You might want to think again.

That's according to safety expert Steve Kardian, who visited The Breakdown to explain what might happen should you try to enter Area 51 in the pursuit of alien life.

More than 2 million people have marked themselves as "attending" a Facebook event called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop Us" on Sept. 20. An additional 1.5 million people have expressed interest in attending, according to the page.

But attendees should be prepared for an impenetrable Air Force facility, complete with guards armed with M4-type weapons, night-vision goggles and surface-to-air missiles, said Kardian, who's been in law enforcement for 33 years and has trained Navy SEALs and other military personnel.

"[Visitors are] going to have real trouble the minute they get within 100 yards of the facility," he said. Any closer, "you would likely be approached by a good number of individuals with guns pointed at you, with weaponry, screaming at you to get down on the ground."

Trying to access Area 51 from the sky won't work either.

"You'd never have a chance," he said. "You would be swarmed with military aircraft."

Even if you did breach the perimeter and get past the armed guards, you would likely have to cross 50 miles before reaching anything top secret, Kardian said, and "the majority will not be visible from the ground."

So if you do all that, could you find alien life?

"Understand, the Air Force and the military will not confirm or deny that there are aliens or anything of that nature on the base," Kardian said, and even if it Area 51 does house aliens, "to get there, understand that you would be exposing yourself to extreme danger, including death."

To see what could happen if you attempt to storm Area 51, watch the latest episode of The Breakdown above.

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