How a Woman With Gephyrophobia Braved Driving Over Some of the US's Scariest Bridges

Inside Edition was with Torri Forbes as she crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge, a dual span suspension bridge that has four lanes going each way, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland, which many think to be one of the scariest bridges in the U.S. 

Torri Forbes suffers from acute gephyrophobia, an intense fear of bridges that causes severe anxiety and even panic attacks.

Forbes says a bridge collapsing under her, as happened last week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is her worst nightmare. 

Inside Edition was with Forbes as she crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge, a dual span suspension bridge that has four lanes going each way. 

"I'm scared to death about what I'm about to do," she said. 

The bridge is two miles long and stands 174 feet above the Delaware River. Notorious for its high winds, the bridge can be truly terrifying for any motorist to drive across, but that's especially true for someone like Forbes. 

The Delaware River and Bay Authority Police Department offers a police escort to those like Forbes, who need a helping hand to cross it. 

"We have a marked car that's in front and then we have a vehicle behind and then we essentially allow them to drive, but we escort them across and make sure it is safe," Lt. Christopher Field told Inside Edition. 

As Inside Edition crossed the bridge with Forbes, it became clear that she was suffering from severe anxiety and was on the brink of a panic attack. 

"Oh my God! I hate this so bad. This is horrible," she said through tears. 

After several minutes, Forbes made it across the bridge and was able to breathe again. But just one day later, she found herself at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland

"I don't know if i can do this," she said. 

The steel behemoth is 4.3 miles long and at its highest point, stands 200 feet above the water. The low guard rails and narrow lanes add to the reason many consider the bridge to be one of the scariest in the U.S.  

"Oh my God, it's huge!" she exclaimed when seeing the bridge. 

Part way across, she began hyperventilating and asking where she could pull off. But there was no police escort available at this crossing and so she had to make it all on her own. 

Finally, at the other side, she said, "I can't believe I just drove over that bridge. It's huge!"

Though she hasn't conquered her fear, Forbes has at least faced it, but is drawing the line. "I'm not going back across that bridge ever!" she said. 

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