How to Build a 'Fortress Door' to Keep Out Brazen Thieves

Some high-profile robberies have led to a call for more secure doors.

crook determined to break into your home won't necessarily be stopped by a locked front door. 

Video showing a suspected burglar kicking in the front door of Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig attracted plenty of attention last month, showing just how easy it is for thieves to gain access to a residence. 

But there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself — and turn your front door into a fortress.

Inside Edition spoke to home improvement expert Jason Cameron, who said most front doors are not secured properly when they are installed. 

"They just use nails to secure the jam ... [and] walk away," Cameron said.

Cameron visited the New Jersey home of Diallo Hall. He demonstrated how easy it is to kick down a door that wasn't installed correctly.

"That was very scary," said neighbor Ashley Giordano, who witnessed the demonstration. "My husband has some work to do this weekend."

Cameron has three tips to turn your front door into a fortress. First, instead of using small screws, drill 3-inch screws right into the frame. Next, install a large steel strike plate.

And for best results, add a reinforcement lock.

When Cameron tried to kick down the fortress door, it wouldn't budge, despite repeated kicks. 

"Now you can sleep better at night," he said, "because nobody's busting this door down."