Is This a Beach or a Door? Meet the New Yanny Vs. Laurel Debate

The internet stands divided.

Meet your late summer Yanny vs. Laurel debate, the beach or the door dilemma.

A Twitter user shared the original image earlier this month, asking in Spanish whether it depicts a blue door with a green border, or a beautiful beach.

puerta azul con marco verde o una playa?

— agustin (@agustinXali) August 22, 2018

The simple question has divided social media, much like other viral debates before it, including Yanny vs. Laurel and "the dress." 

is this a door or a beach?

— ryan woods ? (@itsryanwoodss) August 27, 2018

White and Gold or Blue and Black
Yanny or Laurel
Door or beach

— Sam Clapp?? (@SamClapp921) August 29, 2018

Some used some light photo-editing to bring their own visions to life. 

It's clearly a door wym

— ???? (@trngnhnlu) August 28, 2018

Its a door got a handle an everything what's wrong with ye

— davey g (@i8blue_noses) August 26, 2018

— Doctrine Ridge ?? (@KhufuSphinx) August 28, 2018

Others offered tips on how to see the truth. 

what do y’all see? A beach or a door with a green painted boarder? (turn phone sideways)

— G ?? (@pray4priest) August 24, 2018

The answer, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder. (But, really, it's definitely a beach.)