White House Video Reveals Whether Folks in the West Wing Heard 'Laurel' or 'Yanny'

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In a video posted to White House social media, some of the West Wing's most important residents told America whether they heard "Laurel" or "Yanny."

That's right. The viral sensation has spread to Washington and reached those entrusted with some of the country's most important jobs.

Take first daughter and job creation adviser, Ivanka Trump.

"So clearly 'Laurel,'" she said.

Counselor to the president, and originator of the term "alternative facts," Kellyanne Conway, also appears.

"It's 'Laurel'," Conway said. "But I could deflect and divert to 'Yanny' if you need me to."

White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders also had jokes. "Clearly you're getting all your information from CNN 'cause that's fake news, all I hear is 'Yanny,'" she said.

The hilarity didn't stop with Sanders' absolutely deadpan quip. It went all the way to the top, as Vice President Mike Pence asks, "Who's 'Yanny?'"

And in the end, even President Trump himself showed up.

He said he heard "covfefe."


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