How Disabled Soccer Players in Peru Are Training to Hopefully Represent Their County In 2022 Amputee World Cup

Twenty-five disabled players and coaches have been training once a week for over three years to try to make history in a national sport. 

Every week, these men are here to train, work out, and be in tip-top shape in the hopes of being part of Peru’s first-ever National Amputee team.

Twenty-five players and coaches have been training once a week for over three years. 

These members of the National Soccer Association of Amputees hope all of their patience, diligence, and dedication fulfill their dream of representing Peru in the upcoming Amputee World Cup in Turkey this year and making history in a national sport. 

To do this, they must play the qualifying tournament in Barranquilla, Colombia, in March.

Players and coaches recognize this historical event and are approaching it with happiness and pride.

However, they do not have a budget, so they aim to form the Peruvian Amputee Soccer Federation. That way, they can raise the money they want, keep playing the sport they love on a higher level, and represent their country on one of the world’s biggest stages. 

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