How Escalators Pose Serious Dangers for Dogs and How You Can Keep Your Pup Safe

There's a reason why some dogs don't want anything to do with escalators.

Dogs and escalators are not an ideal mix, and pups are often using their instincts when avoiding the automatic steps. 

Various videos show dogs refusing to go on the escalator as they approach it, even as their owners walk toward it with them. 

One dog, Suki, was not so lucky with a recent escalator experience when she became stuck in the steps.

Suki made it on the escalator, but the little Chihuahua made it to top and her paws got caught in the metal grate, crushing them. 

"I started screaming, asking for help and I just didn’t know what to do," Suki’s owner, Josephine Ellis, told Inside Edition. "I look down and she’s actually stuck in the escalator and I saw her left leg, she was actually on her side and she’s just screaming." 

Suki has since received surgery for her two mangled paws. 

Another dog, Lulu, also got stuck at the top metal grates, but was rescued just in the nick of time as a passerby hit the emergency stop button on the escalator. 

“Remember when people take the escalators, they kind of like see where it ends, where the belt ends so they take that step," veterinarian Dr. Karla Nova told Inside Edition. “Dogs don’t know that belt is gonna end, they don’t know what to do."

Veterinarians recommend taking the stairs or an elevator if you are accompanied by your dog. However, if you have to use the escalator, it is recommended to carry the dog up the escalator — no matter the size of your canine.