How Eugenia Cooney's Candor About Battling an Eating Disorder Could Help Others

Therapist Kati Morton, who was featured in Shane Dawson's documentary about Eugenia Cooney's health battle, told that Cooney's candidness could help others with eating disorders.

Eugenia Cooney is being praised for speaking candidly about her battle with an eating disorder, which is documented in Shane Dawson's latest documentary, "The Return of Eugenia Cooney."

Cooney announced earlier this year that she would be taking a break from YouTube to work on her health and receive treatment for anorexia. Though she initially denied having an eating disorder, Cooney had steadily lost weight for years, with many expressing concern about how skinny she appeared. 

But now Cooney is back on YouTube, opening up about her time in rehab in the hopes that she could help someone else. 

The support has been overwhelming. In just a few days, Cooney has gained over 250,000 subscribers, with many commending her for her honesty.

“Thank you guys so so much for being so kind and positive towards me," Cooney tweeted. "It's been a really difficult year and it's a hard journey, but if I can overcome my demons, know that you can too. Love you all.”

Therapist Kati Morton, who was featured in Dawson's documentary, told that Cooney's candor could help others with eating disorders.

“I've heard from my audience that it's been eye-opening and motivating for them,” said Morton. “Seeing someone struggling online and openly share about their process and getting into treatment, because a lot of people are scared to take that step ... I think that's really inspiring for people.”

Morton also shared advice for those who are recovering from an eating disorder.

“Any kind of recovery is not just A to B to C, like you're going to have some slip-ups. Don't lose hope each moment,” said Morton. “Try to make the best for yourself and know that no one's perfect and it's a process not perfection.”

Cooney said in her latest video titled “I’m Back” that she is “super excited to get back to making videos” and is planning on posting more content soon.