Kansas YouTuber Pulled Over for Speeding Donates to Law Enforcement Charity

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A Kansas YouTuber felt guilty for speeding in his brand-new Lamborghini so he matched the cost of the ticket with a donation to law enforcement. 

Tyler Hoover's YouTube channel, Hoovies Garage, has more than 700,000 subscribers. There, he documents his shenanigans in a bevy of different vehicles

But one recent adventure was a little different than most. While driving his new Lamborghini, Hoover was pulled over for speeding. The problem? He didn't have his wallet with him, which meant he had no license or insurance card to hand over to authorities. 

Fortunately, the deputy was very understanding, though he did give Hoover a ticket. 

Feeling guilty, Hoover decided to turn his experience into something good, giving back to the Wichita, Kansas, community by donating to the Honore Adversis Foundation, which provides assistance to local authorities.

"I don't like speeding," Hoover says in a video posted to his channel about the incident. "I am not much of a speeder. ... I don't blame the officer for giving me a ticket. Since I feel guilty about it I matched the ticket."

He gave $120, the cost of the ticket. 


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