How Germaphobe President Trump Enforces Strict Hygiene Inside the White House

Trump reportedly asks for Purell hand sanitizer after he's been shaking hands with people.

President Trump is well-known to be germaphobe, but according to a new article on Politico, it is worse than people believed. 

“He washes his hands multiple times a day, and after campaign events when he's shaking lots of hands the first thing he says to his body man, the person around him all the time is, 'give me the stuff' and the stuff refers to Purell,” Politico's Daniel Lippman, who wrote “The Purell Presidency” said.  

The article reveals how Trump "strictly enforces proper hygiene inside The White House," even keeping bottles of hand sanitizer outside the Oval Office.  

“He prefers the thumbs up look in his pictures rather than shaking a hand or giving a hug,” Lippman said. 

Last month the president's chief of staff Mick Mulvaney was booted from The Oval Office for coughing during the president's interview with ABC, a point that went on to become chatter around the world after the footage surfaced. 

Mulvaney wasn't the first staffer scolded for coughing, Lippman said. Kellyanne Conway drew Trump's ire during a meeting on the 14th floor at Trump Tower in 2016.

“She started coughing and Trump went nuts and left the room and went back to his office,” Lippman claims. 

Lippman said that there is something rather ironic in Trump’s germaphobia. 

“It's very ironic that for a person who eats tons of fast food and drinks lots of soda that the one thing he actually follows the CDC protocols on is washing his hands before eating,” he said.