How to Get the Best Table at a Popular Restaurant

It's one of the many insider secrets being shared by restaurant consultant Kate Edwards.

Dining out at your city’s best restaurant can be a hassle but one expert is sharing some insight into getting a table, even if it seems out of reach. 

Inside Edition met with restaurant consultant Kate Edwards at Blackbarn in New York City to learn some tips. 

When it comes to reservations, she says the larger your party, the better your chances.

"It might not seem to make sense, but sometimes it's better if you have a bigger party if you want a table at the hottest restaurant," she said. "Most are looking for tables for two so you might have a better shot with a larger group."

And when it comes to getting a table, there's a secret that those reservation apps don’t want the public to know.

“They only release a certain amount of tables to that online platform, so, sometimes you can have good luck if you call,” she said. “So, if you are trying to make a reservation someplace and you can’t get a table, I always advise to call the restaurant.”

Ever wonder how clean the kitchen at your favorite restaurant may be?

Edwards says all you need to do is check the bar

“At the bar is where you are going to see how the bartenders are handling the ice and the glasses," Edwards said. "Are they picking things up by the stem or by the top? Are they cutting fruit with gloves or bare hands? Whatever happens in the bar is definitely happening in the kitchen."

Edwards adds that if you are courteous to the staff, a smile could go a long way for first class service.