Restaurant Comps Woman's Dinner After She Becomes Latest Victim of Notorious 'Dine and Dasher'

The man has stuck more than 20 women with the check after leaving a dinner date.

Another woman has come forward to say she is the latest victim of a man believed to be a serial "dine and dasher" who sticks his unsuspecting dates with the check after ordering a large meal. 

Carol, a plus-size model, says she met Paul Gonzales on a dating website. He went by the name Mike and he seemed like a great guy.

"He knew all the right things to say and that's what makes me really angry inside," she told Inside Edition. 

He sent her a photo of what he claimed was his buff body, but she now believes it was someone else. 

Carol was excited for their date at Mercado Restaurant but during dinner, things took a strange turn.
He told her he had already eaten a full meal at the restaurant by the time she'd arrived but he still ordered another steak dinner.

“He kind of like patted his stomach and said, ‘I know it's probably surprising, but you'll be surprised I can eat two meals,'" she recalled. 

He then excused himself. That's when restaurant manager Justin Leyvas recognized the creep from news reports and told him to leave.

“I said, 'You're the notorious dine-and-dash dater,' and he kind of looked perplexed. And I said, 'That's you, right?' He said yes. I said, 'Well, I’m not going to serve you,'" the manager said. 

The restaurant in Pasadena comped Carol’s dinner. 

Gonzales was last reported living at his mother's apartment in Pasadena, right down the street from the restaurant where he allegedly tried to pull off his latest con.

In all, more than 20 women say he took off after finishing his expensive steak dinner and left them with the bill.

“This man needs to be stopped," Carol said. "God knows how many other women he will attempt to do this to."