How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

Tech expert Jessica Naziri shares secrets that will make using your phone that much easier.

Want to know how to get the most out of your smartphone? Inside Edition has some tips to help you use your iPhone to its full ability. 

Tech expert Jessica Naziri of Tech Sesh met up with iPhone users to reveal secrets that will make your life easier.

She said that if you want to delete a long text, you don't have to repeatedly tap the "back" key. Instead, you can shake your phone and an undo prompt will come up, allowing you to delete it all at once. 

Need to hide photos? “We might want to keep it, but we don't want everyone who scrolls through our phone to see it,” she said. “The best way to hide photos is to go into actual photo and you act as if you are sending it to someone.” Then push the hide button. It will move to a secret album that no one will see but you.

Something we all need to know is how to urgently charge phones low on battery.

“Here's my best kept secret when it comes to charging your phone and having more juice for the end of the day: Charge your phone and put it on airplane mode and it will charge so much faster,” she said. 

Airplane mode stops your phone from eating up so much energy by signaling cell towers.